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Dear Divers Two,

My family and I just returned from Mexico where we dove for the first time as a family. My kids (Patrick and Caroline) and I were certified by your organization. Our instructors were Chris (Rex) and Caryn Wojcik. I just wanted to send a letter of thanks and also let you know how amazing they are! I was a little (or a lot) apprehensive about diving...thewhole idea of breathing underwater for a prolonged period of time was a little scary. Chris and Caryn were able to give me the instruction and confidence I needed not only to complete the course but also look forward to my first dive! Their knowledge of diving and patience with me was insurmountable. The kids and 1 felt completely ready for our first diving experience due to Chris and Caryn's teaching!

On our first dive the gentleman who accompanied us could not get over how well we all, especially the kids, were able to descend and ascend and the buoyancy control we had while scuba diving! We of course explained that we had excellent instructors back in NJ.

We want to thank you for giving us a great family activity to do and we are looking forward to our next dive. I can honestly say I think I'm addicted which I never would not have believed 3 weeks ago!

Please let Chris and Caryn know that we are truly grateful and have told all our friends and family how amazing they are and recommend them and Divers Two for anyone interested in receiving their diving certification!


Mary Pearce


"Good morning. 

Yesterday was my fist boat dive ever, my first dive of the year and probably my first dive in an "not controlled environment"

I want to thank Carl a lot.  I was have trouble with my buoyancy and confidence.  He got me off the deck of the boat at the anchor line and got me exploring the wreck.

I have to tell you I had the time of my life.  It was one of the most exciting things I have ever done.

Carl is a great guy and a great dive master.  I just need to start getting more dives under my belt.

My ears got scrambled yesterday and I did everything right.

I have an appt. with an ENT tomorrow to see what I can do to keep this from happening.

I want to thank Carl for being so patient.

I am looking forward to my next dive,  I need to work on weight/buoyancy.

The boat crew was both cheerful and professional.  They were great and they knew their business."

Thanks, Wes

"I took my SCUBA certification course with Divers Two, and had an amazing time. They were extremely helpful and kind, and could offer the answer to any question you could possibly think of. They also make sure you know everything you need to have a fun, but most importantly safe time diving!"              Natalie

"I have been visiting Divers Two since I was about twelve years old, when I got my scuba diving license. During the time I was getting my license, I had so much fun and the staff was so helpful, I passed the exam on the first try. My parents, although not certified by Divers Two, often went on diving trips through this dive shop before my brother and I were born. Divers Two’s staff’s kindness and helpfulness for their customers really sets it apart from other dive shops."                        Cassie

"On behalf of our son Lucas, I just wanted to say thanks to you (Sharon), Steve and everyone at Divers Two for making the whole certification process for the kids a great time. Luke really enjoyed his checkout dives. You guys were well prepared and it all was just a real pleasure. I'm sure it's something Luke will remember forever. Please pass my thanks on ... you'll see Luke again on a future dive."             Mark

"The staff at Divers Two was very accommodating and understanding. At first I was very apprehensive about going scuba diving. The staff at Divers Two put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence to become a certified scuba diver.  I applaud Divers Two, they make your dreams come true!"          Heather

"Thanks sooo much, Sharon and Steve. Thanks to your caring ways and help with the extra vest, Nick was very excited about the Sunday dives! He is very much looking forward to diving in Clearwater, FL while we're on vacation. The rest of the family will be in snorkel gear! My brother in law dives in quarrys in PA and wants to take Nick there in late summer, when it warms up a bit!!  You guys are great! We'll be look for the dive listings you send to see what we can pick up for him this summer!"           Diane

"...I can tell you my wife Lisa and I were very comfortable with you (Sharon & Steve) and your staff. We felt Matthew was receiving a through knowledge of diving and how to dive safely with well maintained equipment. Lisa and I never felt Matthew was at risk especially with your high ratio of teachers to students. Thank you again for a fine professional safe program."     Daniel

"Your dive shop has helped me become a diver and an adventurer. Ever since I walked in your shop I'd wanted to be a diver. Now thanks to your excellent staff, equipment, and hard work I am a diver. Thank you for all you do to help me. You have an excellent shop and I hope to do more diving next summer. Thank you for everything you do and happy holidays."        Bryan

"We recently took scuba lessons with Craig Beattie through your shop. We just wanted you to know what a quality instructor you have in Craig!"         Beth

"Thanks so much for making our scuba lessons such a rewarding experience Your concise explanations, clear demonstrations, patience, and positive feedback were all encouraging.  Anne's teaching skills must have rubbed off on you! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in your class and are proud of our accomplishments."                               Christine

"I had the best experience learning how to dive at Divers Two in Avon, NJ. My husband, my 14 year old daughter and myself completed the course over this past summer. Our instructor Craig Beattie, was most knowledgeable and patient. Even during the most difficult tasks I felt he had complete control and I felt comfortable enough to then be able to complete all the requirements - even while watching my daughter sip air through a free flowing regulator underwater. Unbelievable. I'll never forget it. I can't wait to take the family on a trip during the winter."      Shirley


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